Melody Klemin

San Luis Obispo singer-songwriter

Melody Klemin Cliffs photo shoot


California's Central Coast, forever inspired by the sea.

Visit any of the intimate venues along California’s Central Coast and you’ll find San Luis Obispo native Melody Klemin on stage, drawing inspiration for her music and her muse from the mountains and beaches that surround her college town.

The singer/songwriter has been sharing her music with local fans for more than 10 years, creating an original blend of contemporary folk and Americana, with several surprises in between! When asked to describe Melody’s music, fans and promoters alike have compared her with the acoustic stylings of Joan Osborne, Patty Griffin, and the Dixie Chicks.  Good company indeed.

“Absolutely, those ladies have influenced me,” agrees Melody.  “If you’re a singer/songwriter of a certain style, so many great artists have come before, proving musical achievement and authenticity can co-exist.”

A group that Melody often pays tribute to is The Indigo Girls:  “I have a Martin OMC Aura (guitar), that I purchased when I worked at Blue Note Guitars here in SLO. When the Indigo Girls played our Performing Arts Center, I was lucky enough to have both of them sign it.  So yeah, the Girls rock.  Along with Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and Annie Lennox.  And, and, and…”  Her list of examples is far-reaching, her admiration deep.

A frequent performer at wineries, breweries and restaurants in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, Melody and her guitar can be most often seen at the stunning Vina Robles Tasting Room in Paso Robles, California. She’s even been known to play an occasional tribute set or try out her newest material at Steve Key’s Songwriters at Play Showcase.

In 2012, Melody was featured in SLO Life Magazine and the editor/owner was so impressed with her talent, he asked her to star in one of the magazine’s SLO Life commercials, which aired on KSBY TV.

Melody is also a sought-after performer for weddings and private parties, happily covering the greatest hits of eclectic artists ranging from the Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay, to Frank Sinatra and the Beatles.  And if one of her own tunes joins the celebration – like her love song entitled, “Cannoli” – audiences are even more pleased.

“Every time I pick up my guitar and begin to sing for an audience, no matter where I am, I feel blessed.  People say I have a ‘gift,’ but I know the true gift is my being able to perform and reach someone through song.  I love being in that moment.” And it shows.

Check out Melody Klemin’s debut album, Cliffs.

Music that
leans into
& warmth



a work willing to take risks
to reach a sweeping beauty.

Singer-songwriter Melody Klemin’s work is direct, intimate, and–as the title of her new album Cliffs suggests–willing to take risks to reach a sweeping beauty. Though Klemin most often performs solo on her acoustic Martin guitar (signed by the Indigo Girls), on Cliffs she’s backed by the Damon Castillo Band, along with British artist Pete Whitfield. “The full-band arrangement evokes the feel of the ocean–that gorgeous b3 organ, strings and slide guitar for some extra emotive depth, splays of sustained electric guitar, and beautifully understated percussive elements throughout–it all just helps the music breathe the way it wants to,” says Klemin, a California native who has lived near the coast all her life. “Damon masterfully built production choices around my core inspiration–the ocean,” she adds.  “That’s where I go to write. That’s where I feel most at home.” Influenced by blues, rock, gospel, Indie pop, and contemporary folk, Klemin’s work showcases a gift for storytelling and for hard-hitting love songs in tracks such as “Here to Stay” and “Dream of You and Me.” When Klemin performs live, her concerts forge a rapport with her audience that is almost palpable. That gift is on display in Cliff’s final track, where Klemin returns to her acoustic roots with the solo “Heartbeats.”  [Review by Lisa Coffman]